Geometry (WPP)

Immersive Showroom / Digital Content

Geometry (a WPP company) via Pixel Artworks wanted to create an immersive experience to showcase their campaign projects to partners and clients. 


The solution, to take their traditional conference room setting and transform it into an immersive showroom.  


The digital content concept was to use the visual metaphor of a storm breaking followed by sunlight flooding into the room. The light representing the agencies ideas and creativity entering the room. Geometry brand symbols were used to create storm and light effects.

Taking this overarching visual concept, we created moments by augmenting elements from the existing Geometry film show reel to achieve a powerfully immersive motion piece projected mapped in 360 around the room.

Role: Creative & Art Direction, Design, 3D & Animation Lead

Agency: Pixel Artworks

Immersive Content Playback

*starts with black /play with audio